Friday, March 13, 2015

Incoming mail 20150313

So more postcards arrived today.

Love this stamp from the USA:

I have never seen a stamp from Bulgaria..

Or Sweden..

This was the only card that came for me today:

It came all the way from Poland! And I just love these beautiful stamps:


I'm actually thinking of traveling to Poland sometime soon.:3

I actually have a rather appropriate blog for these post-related things here:

[ DCBPOSTCROSSING [dot] wordpress [dot] COM ]

I still haven't decided whether to keep wordpress or not. :D

It's a super simple blog showcasing everything I have received from postcrossing. X3


Oh, and this was from 2015/03/10, came all the way from Moscow, Russia!

I did ask for some character cards, which is probably why I was sent this.

It's actually a Russian version of Winnie the Pooh, which is interesting. Apparently, it is "Vinni Puh" when in Russia. Would never have known this existed if I wasn't sent this card. :3

Linking to this interesting post on Vinni Puh!, also linking to the wiki entry here.

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