Friday, March 06, 2015

First card from postcrossing

This was sent from Venezia, Italia.

My first card from postcrossing arrived! It was stamped Feb 25 (arrived in my city), then Mar 2 but only got to me this afternoon. Hm.

Anyway I asked for art cards and paintings (if possible), so I got this.

Pretty neat for my first card. :3

Btw, I've been curious about wordpress (because their phone app really is so much better than the blogger one).

So, I created a wordpress page especially for my postcrossing cards.

[ DCBPOSTCROSSING [dot] wordpress [dot] COM ]

Click, visit, comment, and like (if you must~XD)


I just want to add, above photo was uploaded by Sergio, the sender of this card [Sadly when it arrived, the stupid post office stamped on the front side of the card therefore blaspheming it. Egad, why must you stamp on the front side? :(
....Sigh. So my card now has a stupid 'received' stamp with smudged edges.]

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