Monday, March 09, 2015

WorkinProgress: Oilpainting

Remember how I've always been curious about oil painting but never had the time to (figure it out)? Well, yesterday I finally got started.

I've never really worked on canvas before. Always on textured paper.


And then the lead smudged everywhere.'O'

My makeshift workspace.

I didn't have an easel. So , I improvised -- took the mini rocking chair from a Teddy Bear, stuck a box of pastels underneath to keep it from rocking. Took a mini white board and used it as a 'table'. And placed the canvas atop it.
Well, of course you can just go and buy yourself an easel and that solves everything.

Using a hard flat brush.

Palette. Base colours.

It applies dark but dries light. I was horrified to see the colours lighten when it dried. Horrified because it was not as I pictured. (The tiny photo is the photo I was trying to paint)

And this is me holding the brush.

No idea if I'm holding it right. Anyway what matters is the painting. We'll see how this goes.

Anyone had any experience with oil?? I'm super noob to this medium and am open to any suggestions, recommendations, and tips. :3

P.S. I feel so helpless right now but I am determined to get this done. =_=;

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