Sunday, March 08, 2015

SKETCHES :: Milan in Watercolor

So over the weekend I thought I'd try to sketch one of the photos from my trip to Milan.

I know I said I was never good at watercolour, but I'm just really stubborn.

Last week while at the bookstore shopping for some art supplies, someone recommended a watercolour brand I've never used before. It was worth a try....:3

This was the inspiration:

Started in pencil like I always do.

Trying to capture as many details as possible, only to be altered and re-altered later. :D

Defining lines. Always with pigment ink. There are many kinds. Find one that works for you. This was a 0.5, other times I use 0.1 and 0.2 for smaller scale sketches in ink only.

Compare, add details.

Mixing and choosing the right colours.

Fill the colours in.

And this was the final outcome:

It was only when I posted and everything that I realized I forgot to write the street name. :P

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