Tuesday, March 24, 2015

WorkInProgress: Oilpainting

Week 3

This week I bought Mineral Spirit to clean my brushes with. (Yes, I failed to clean my brushes the first two sessions... It was awful. Finally went out and bought one)

It is unscented but still highly toxic.

My main brush (the largest one), and also bought two other smaller brushes for details.

As a beginner I find hard brushes easier to work and mix colours with.

I feel I have better control; But it may also be because I'm working on scenery.

Softer brushes may be needed for portraits and such, for softer details.

My main brush (is one of those cheap china hog-hair brushes):

I also bought some Pebeo oils. I don't know how good they are, but it was reasonably priced--which is why I bought to try.

The other reason is that it has Ochre! Since my mentor introduced ochre to me back in my art classes (when I was working with oil pastels) I discovered the value of this colour. Haha.

I feel it adds colour and character to any work -- and also because my winning piece was 75% ochre.

Anyway, here are the colours of Pebeo and LeFranc&Bourgeois:

Since last week, I have only used LeFranc&Bourgeois oils: (I have had this since 2004; It has been 11years since, and still workable. That's oils for you.)

And this is Pebeo's palette.


Colour comparison:

Pebeo's tubes are sealed; whilst LeFranc&Bourgeois' are only sealed with a thick layer of oil.

Colour mixing chart on Pebeo box.

Both of them are actually made in China.

So this week I drew the water in.

For this I used some Pebeo oils, the orangey shade. I find Pebeo's to have a rather strong vibrant colour.

Here is how it looks under white light:

Still under white light but not direct:

Painting can be quite messy and for some weird reason I keep dropping my brushes everywhere today.
(now I understand why people go through the trouble of covering their floors with newspapers)

I'm quite satisfied with the colour of the sky; but feel the rest needs more working on.

My palette. These are the colours I used.

This is my makeshift workspace:

First time I ever used this. (watched how people clean their brushes on yt)

The whole thing turned a cloudy blue, But the paint eventually settles later.

Sediments on the bottom.

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