Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Food Review :: C2 - Classic Cuisine

Last night's dinner:

They have these on the ceiling, which I like.

Over there is their kitchen,

And here comes our food!

This one here is called a Walastik. It is primarily strips of beef, some pork, etc, in sweet sauce. It is served with Onion rings and some veg on the side.

Tasted marvelous.


Also had some Laing, which consisted of vegetables, in coconut sauce. It's a spicy one, this dish. But that makes it even better!


Ordered soup as well, this one is called Sinigang na Bangus, it's a saltyXsour soup (sometimes spicy too, but not all). Normally you'd have a choice of Pork, or Milkfish (locally referred to as Bangus).


The best thing to go with these, is Garlic Rice.

It boosts one's appetite a whole lot.. I think so anyway.


It's a pretty nice quiet little place to have dinner. Well, not very cozy when it's packed, but food is great.

C2 - Classic Cuisine - @Robinson's Place Ermita

Food 9/10
Service 9/10
Presentation 9/10


The moon last night. This is my first moon shot taken with the Nikon D90!

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