Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What the Mailman Brought with him this Morning

This~! :3

A Chiang Mai, Thailand postcard.

Sent from Singapore! :P

Thought it was going to be another boring day at the office and then saw this.xD Made me happy. ^_^

ありがとう、アルベルトさん! ^_^


Have never been to Thailand, and Chiang Mai seems to have a very lively night scene!


I also love this turtle stamp! :P [lol, reminds me of my pet turtle! -- though I like most turtles in general.>_<]

It kind of shimmers too when viewed against the light.. are most of the new stamps in SG like this?


Reminds me.. I still have a couple of stamps I haven't sorted...

Most of these are from business mails:

And some more:

As for these ones, found them lying somewhere around the house. [My dad/mom both had a stamp collection, I guess they kept these but never added them to their collection]

[Note: these stamps are older than I am! xD]

These are rather new though:


Hong Kong stamps!

My uncle in Hong Kong sends some documents over occasionally...

[These are from the earlier years...]

and some that are new:


Shall rummage through some of my old letters and photograph the stamps, :D

I don't peel them off the envelopes when the letters are addressed to me, but for business mails I just keep the stamps and get rid of the envelopes.xD

.......Now where did I keep the ones from way back.....o_O


  1. You're welcome! ^^

    This is the night market that do in Chinag Mai on Sunday. We were lucky to see it the day when arrived. Was huge and very nice ^^

    btw, very nice stamps collection :)

  2. Hehe. Hope I can collect more stamps from more countries! :P