Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What went on of late

The mail from Google has arrived. Some few weeks back I registered on Google Places. Have forgotten about it until I received this today.;p



Here are a couple of things I bought two weeks ago.


Glow in the Dark nail polish.:D

It's transparent when applied. ;P I think I will try this with some neon polish.


Scissors keyring, although it doesn't actually cut anything.


Also, these:


Took Domo-kun with me some time ago for Teppanyaki, and now it reeks of..... the smell of kitchen.

So now I threw him in the wash. xD


Chicken, found it wandering on the streets.:P

And a little stray cat, xD


Food photos.;P

This is not japanese at all! >_< Looks cheap (--but it was not so cheap), and tasted very average.

Pudding, this was good.:P

Tempura Maki, was better than I expected.:P


Got this dictionary recently. Was a very good find.xD


I do not remember posting this, but I bought these cool owl rings some time ago.

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