Sunday, November 27, 2011

Downton Abbey

The craze is back! -- well, my craze for Downton Abbey is back.:D

Have finished downloading eight episodes a few days back, and have been watching since.:D

I am now on episode 6, so 2 more to go.=S

Have loved the series since it first came out (last year).xD Waited forever for the second installment.

The lovely music from the first season is still apparent, the setting is just as grand (with a few minor adjustments..because of the changes in the story).

My favourite character still has to be Mary [she is so calm, composed,and strong -- maybe everything I am not!].:D Edith is not as annoying as she used to be. Sybil has started to build more character this season.

Did not like Matthew before, but now he seems okay compared to Richard Carlisle!

Thomas the footman used to be such a bad guy, he still is, but not as evil as he used to be!... (I have yet to see two episodes though, so let's see how this all turns out!;P).>_<

--Rich in story, characters, everything. Great cast too.:P [and that thick British accent almost everywhere is just wonderful...^_^]

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