Sunday, November 13, 2011

On the Subject of Ice Cream

Someone had their teeth pulled yesterday-- which was good excuse to get some ice cream!:D

Have not had them for a while, so was very excited when I heard we are bringing some home.>_<

The store we went to had a load of Korean ice cream, which explains why these are all Korean...

This is a taiyaki one that I have always wanted to try (well, wanted the japanese version, but we don't have it here.=S)

A coffee-flavoured bar..


What I am currently eating is different though..

Topped it with a Meiji Dark Choc for photo-purposes.xD


Some games I downloaded and trying on my psp..


Spent most of my afternoon comparing flight prices and schedules, and have finally decided.:D

Purchase done, now I wait for my ticket.xD

Lol, think I should read up on the places I'm going to....:P

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