Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday Shopping Spree

What I love about weekends: late nights watching my favourite series, waking up past noon, coffee (for a year now I've been cutting back on coffee and drink it only on weekends. There are reasons for this -- my previous daily coffee consumption caused the following things: frequently waking up between sleep, sleeping 8hours but wake up feeling like I've slept only 6hrs, frequent headaches when I miss / have my coffee at a later time, neck pain -- which went away months after I cut down on caffeine, and (my sudden) low bone density when I randomly had it checked once. Even though I love milk and take calcium supplements.), and blah.
Today I went shopping. X3 I don't shop often, only once in a while. Lately it has become more frequent. :O

Will post my haul sometime next week when I have time to photograph them.:3

Here's the beautiful afternoon sky today.

The weather has been good today after a week of gloomy/rainy weather. :D
It's past 12 and today's officially my birthday. Not too enthusiastic about turning twenty something and my birthday doesn't change the fact that I still have to go to work tomorrow. x_x


Also I've joined Sam's Giveaway [click here]. She has recently acquired her own domain [].

Items included in the giveaway are the following:

(photo credits:

The sumikkogurashi stickers are simply adorable (looks like a cross between Purin and Monokuroboo)!! But so are the other samples which I haven't tried! When I went to Taiwan to study before they used to give free samples outside shops and along some shopping streets. Here they don't give samples for free, you usually get them after buying some products from a store. XD But anyway I've always wanted to try some of these products.

If you'd like to join, it's never too late. [Sam's accepting entries until 31st July! :3)

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