Sunday, July 13, 2014

Knitting: Red Hearts BeretxBeanie

Remember I started knitting a beret sometime around the beginning of this year?

and then I frogged it and remade it...:3

Well, I still didn't follow any pattern the second time around. I just started knitting by instinct. the result was that the beret looked more like a beanie, the ribbing was too loose (next time I should knit 40-45 instead of 50-60.X_x

I was quite satisfied with how it came out though.

Wearing the beret-that-turned-into-a-beanie! :D

Next time I will make a thicken ribbing. Maybe 2" instead of 1".

I did a fair amount of fair-isle knitting (--simply means working multiple colours at the same time).

The colour contrast is not too strong, which is fine. It looks plain from afar but cute heart details upclose.

I couldn't decide between the coloured one and black and white, so here's how it looks in black and white:

And the rest of the photos of me wearing it.

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