Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Food :: Banana Squares

So... While cleaning the cupboard I found a box of cake mix I bought earlier this year (that was so many months ago. Haha).

I decided to make some Banana squares.

It's actually an oven-toaster mix so it was quite easy to make.

I mashed some bananas. added the cake mix, and 1 medium-sized egg.

The crunchies you see on top aren't nuts. I actually don't like nuts. ^_^ But I wanted to add some texture so I added crushed cereals (I used my favourite -- Kellogg's Special K)

I actually like how it turned out. :D The only thing that I didn't like about this mix was that it was a little sweet.XD

I have previously tried this with pumpkins and it came out very nice too.

I think I will try carrots next. :D (And maybe put them in mini cupcake cups.)

---Ohhh, and not to forget, I added a hint of cinnamon because I love it. *A* (Did you know I used to hate the taste of cinnamon as a kid? But I absolutely love it now. It smells wonderful and adds such a beautiful flavour to everything.:D)


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    1. Haha. I have zero baking skills so the fact that it came out just right means a lot to me. XD I quite enjoyed making them.:D

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