Saturday, July 05, 2014

Food Review :: Gumbo - A Taste of New Orleans

This evening, with lack of a new restaurant to dine at,

we ate here, at Gumbo, because we haven't been in quite a while.

The interior remains the same, dark, woody...

And this is me being my tired self after a day's work. D:

There used to be more people dining here... But I guess it's a little expensive..

so while we waited they served some bread and oil.

Haha. Oil literally because it was just oil. No herby flavour nor a hint of garlic or spice.

And it was only two pieces of bread for a table of three. O_O

And so we waited and waited for what seemed like forever. (sorry, but the food just took too long! And considering there wasn't a lot of people that evening.)

And finally the first dish came out, Sicilian Pasta. Penne, tomato sauce, and sausages. Quite overpriced for something so simple I think.

It tasted good, but it was something I could cook even better.

Next came the Cajun Chicken, for this you can pick two sides.

We picked Cajun Rice and Fries.

The cajun chicken was served very hot and crispy. But I was disappointed to not find a hint of cajun! :O The rice however tasted very nice... the rather spiced up Cajun rice blended with the neutral tasting Fried Chicken. :3 So I had a good meal anyway.

The fries were nice as well, I love the rough slices and the texture. It was seasoned with Sour Cream no doubt, and I love sour-cream flavoured chips so I was satisfied. :P

Whether I'd come to eat again I'm not quite sure. It is too overpriced for mediocre-tasting food. Don't get me wrong, I quite enjoyed the food and I left with a happy tummy but for that price I'd rather dine somewhere serving a more exquisite flavour.

An American style restaurant serving a bit of everything.

Gumbo - A Taste of New Orleans @ Robinsons

Food 6/10
Service 7/10 (Service was not too bad but too slow.)
Presentation 7/10

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