Monday, February 13, 2012

Old letters, Stamps, Notes

This weekend I have decided to clean a part of my closet... to make room for a bunch of new clothes.XD

What I found were boxes, after tin cans, after wooden boxes [Lol] of long lost treasures.>_<"" Hahaha. Most of them forgotten. [More about this on a later post! :D]

Found some old letters I have been looking for [Remember this post when I said I was going to post some more stamps from here and there]! Kept pretty neatly in an old chinese mooncake tincan. [cannot believe it has been 9years since.:3]

Spent most of my early weekend hours reading! :P Haha.


Note-passing in class-- kept a lot of these. But I think it's finally time to throw some away.. those that didn't actually make sense to me anymore.XD


Have always liked writing letters to people, and would talk about the most random things.>_<

Well, back when having penpals was still the 'in' thing, I would find people to write to.:P But once a letter bounced back to me.T_T

..Which I still kept, thinking it had traveled all the way to France and back! XDD

[Couldn't actually read French at that time, I only knew that it was something like 'Return to Sender', but now it actually makes more sense.:D]

I also still kept the letter inside, written legibly.=_=""

Haha. One thing I liked about these exchanges was also receiving pretty stationeries and sending them.:D

Like this miffy stationery, although I didn't know the character miffy yet at that time.

is this a fake miffy though??


Letters from a friend in California:

The stamps are really nice~~ *_*

Some of them had US postage labels instead (see bottom right part):

More stamps up-close:

Seems this stamp can be re-used??:P

I like these fruit ones too:

..Still wished this was sent with a stamp instead..XD

And more:


Have not seen this handwriting for such a long time, still as neat as it ever was!

Funny how I can still relate to this after all these years:

I love classics, and read lots of them! But Moby Dick was one book I could never ever finish! I must've gotten through a few chapters and then thought 'I coudln't even remember what just happened!'-- yes, it was that boring!

Back when I was still a fast-reader and a regular one, I would finish several books a day and couldn't wait to pick up another one.XD -- I liked the feeling of seeing another world in the book I read... I would spend lunch breaks in the school library until I finished all the good ones.=_= (In primary, naughty me would keep the book I was reading somewhere "safe".. I don't borrow since I always forget to return the book and end up paying overdues.=S Heh.)

Now I find it impossible to do (the reading a book part!)...;P


Was also fun to see what kind of stickers other people have!:3

Was usually a battle of who had the nicest ones! XD Lol.


Partially opened??? Yeah right.



A very artistic way to write your letters:

..and don't forget to write it in glittery/neon/ milky ink to make it even harder to read! (I would write like this too, and my friends would complain to me saying their eyes hurt from reading.>_<". Haha.).:P


Oh, these stickers used to be very popular! *_* I used all of mine up.

But good thing I still have these!:P
Didn't use them and left them untouched.XD


There was another time when I was addicted to a boyband-- Westlife, and MTV Graffiti Wall--[an online BB where you can share stuff about music]-- was like my current Messenger/Twitter/Facebook.

Had experience exchanging boyband goodies with a common fan in Malaysia,

The good thing was we both liked a different member of the band, so I sent her her fave and she sent me mine.XD

These were like surprise gift packagee I would patiently wait for.XD

Although this was a little shortlived, the exchanges were fun.:P


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