Sunday, February 05, 2012

Recently acquired books!

I love thrift stores, I love rare finds, and I love things that are on sale! :O

There is this local bookstore I frequent. Has a very wide selection of books (and also a lot of trashy/nonsense ones..). If you're lucky you can find something nice.>_<

Where I live, it is almost impossible to get your hands on foreign-language materials, let alone books in other languages. >_<" So this bookstore is really a godsend! ^_^


Bought these two:

The illustrated Larousse one I really like.XD But it's very heavy.=_=

a look at the pages:

I remember studying this for ARTAPRE class back in univ! XD

A bit of something here and there.

Arabic alphabet:


More illustrated pages.*_*

Phases of the moon!:D

Morse code.:P I used to memorize this.^_^ Now I don't.

The other half of this book, you can search people and places.

Some artsy stuff:

And famous landmarks:

[which reminds me, I need to post photos from my China trip sometime. S'been two years.... so fast.=_=]


The German at a Glance Book. XD I also have the French at a Glance one of this series.:P

The first page features a map..

Might be useful:

And some other pages:


Was also given a free book for my purchases. [also bought some other books besides these]

Not familiar with this, not sure if I will read it, since I still have a ton of books lined up..:3

There is a map on the first page:

pretty cool map.


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