Sunday, February 05, 2012

Language Study

Today's breakfast:

I don't normally have breakfast but since today is a weekend I have more time.:D


Was going to clean up the huge mess in my room but ended up looking through my French textbook.

I remember having to study this.. The topic was very very boring. So was the professor we had for this level.

Some answers to exercises. I even wrote the date... 2008. That's how long I have neglected this language.T_T

Well, I only studied until Unite3 for this book. (Felt that I wasn't learning much from said professor, and since there were no other professors capable of teaching this level during the weekends, I stopped.)

The more interesting topics are found on the latter half of this book!

It even talks about Cafe de Flore here! Nostalgic.:P

It looked like this then:

But here is a photo I took during my trip:

[More photos later!XD]

Our textbook even has a small map:

It's pretty interesting to read something about somewhere you've been.:P
Funny to have come across this page today!


Other topics in the book include:

The first page of the book:

[It's the bateau that runs along the Seine.>_< This photo looks old though.]


I remember making these to help me remember when I was studying for the DELF exam!

I hated subjonctif...XD I still do. And I also have trouble with subjunctives in Spanish.:P

Took two different exam levels on two consecutive days. Something I will never do again! x_X Hahah. Those two days were very tiring and stressful!! [At first I wanted another exam a level higher after those two.. but changed my mind at that time, was thinking I didn't want any more exams anytime soon.T_T]

Used to remember all these, now I don't. T_T SIGH. Is a sign I should be studying again.

You can find this at the back of the book,

Very useful as I could add to my vocabulary some more words in other languages.:D


I really should find some time to study again.xP
[But I have also picked up a couple of other hobbies which I didn't back then -- watching anime, japanese dramas, and more.]
[And now I also work full time from Mon-Sat which eats up all my time.T_T]
[Ah well, I can only do so much.X_X]

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