Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sketches - 001~004

Today though I'd do some sketching since I haven't been for the longest time.:D

But was cleaning my room for hours and ended up too tired to do anything.=_="" Hehe.

I used to have my sketches in a separate link before (2008-jan2011). But since I have changed my layout last year I have forgotten to post them again.>_<

So here are some works I did in pencil before:

[Some of these are from 2008 and were taken with my Samsung e890 phone.]

Was a very tiny photo from a travel book...


The Two Towers, from LOTR book illustration..


About a Boy, from the movie/ and also book cover...
(Hehe, okay, this does not look like Hugh Grant, but at least it looks human.XD)


This was from a Levi's ad...


So far these were the only ones I have uploaded.XD

Let's see if I can find some more.:D

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