Saturday, January 07, 2012

Shopping Spree!

Since I came back from my trip, everything feels so cheap here! :O

Well, have bought a bunch of stuff yesterday. ^_^


First, this one, was a great find.:D

and some more:

It comes in pink and blue, but since I already have a lot of pink in my closet, picked the blue one for a change.:D


Also purchased some keyrings and strappu~:

Just the other day, was browsing Betty Autier's blog, among them, were doughnut-shaped Hello Kitty straps from her trip to Japan.:D
* *
[*photo credit: Betty Autier]

What I found instead were mickeyXminnie straps, with a similar idea.:P

I love keys like these! But this is a disney-inspired one.;P the thought that came to mind almost instantly was Kingdom Hearts.:P

A choco-bear, with a cute face.;P *プッ二・プッ二*


A closer look at the lil brown bear:

Also got myself a mini lion plushie.:D


And more photos...

Lion X Bear

Very cute tail.:P

(This photo taken with my mobile.:P)

Lion plushie with a cupcake keyring.:3

Choco bear with one of the photos I took from my trip.:P

How the minnie-doughnut-strappu would look on my phone...


Well, that's pretty much it for now.:D Shall go sort my photos again.o_O

A look at the memory cards I used... [First three were from my Nikon D90, the other half were from my Canon SX110is, plus I have some more from my Samsung s8300 (mobile), and some from my PSP-camera (used this to upload to twitpic).]

à plouche~~! ;)

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