Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Barcelona - entry 004

We stopped by here for some Tapas, [was quite full from eating 4.5 meals on our 20-hour flight! .5=snacks.>_<; and from sleeping a lot too!]

The interior looks something like this downstairs:


Some food you can nibble on..

I thought I took a photo of everything but it turns out I didn't take a photo of the ones on the other side....


Couldn't get a good shot of this with auto,

and it looks bad with flash.

This sangria was high on alcohol and less on fruity content.=_=

We ended up not finishing our drinks.>_< Was feeling woozy halfway through. [but definitely helped me get some good sleep on my first day despite the time difference! xP]


My first self-timed photo on my Nikon... Haha. It is so easy to set up the self timer on the D90.>_<

Thank you Rob and Mandy! XD


The rest of the place looks like this:


This part looks really cool.


The bartender gives us something more to drink before we leave...

Haha, it looked pretty strong so only took a sip.>_<

Was orangey-gingery, and sweet. Not bad... [But any more and I'm at my limits.n_n;]


It turns out Rob and Mandy lives right across our hotel, literally. -_-

[Have always been curious how these apartment buildings look like on the inside! Is interesting to go inside one.XD Different from what we normally have here.]

So before heading back, we went to see Rio (their cat),

[Holaaa Rio!]

...who was soooo adorable and seemed very happy to see us! :D

[It liked gnawing at my sister's boots too. Haha.]

I do not know much about cats, nor have I had much experience about / encounters with them, but this is one friendly and playful cat.>_<


We also had some tea and got to taste some freshly-baked blueberry goodness by Mandy!:D

[Nothing beats strong warm tea and sweets!]


Thanks to Rob who took this photo of us! (...and hope you enjoyed your holidays in Strassbourg!)

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