Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 - le premier jour

Woke up very late today. Was surprised it was already 16:00 (our time).=_=" [in Paris should be around 09:00 in the morning] >_<

Well, let's see how I will wake up early tomorrow for work [UGH~! =/].

Did some of my laundry today, and went back to copyingXrotatingXsorting my photos. Now I am still on 2011.12.22 photos.T_T

Lol, and still clearing up my disk space because I couldn't transfer the rest of the photos.T_T

It is quite fun to go through them though! XD The last 10 days were the highlights of 2011. Was a great way to end the year.

Bonne année à tous! ^_^

Where should I travel to this year? [some places in mind are: Germany (should review my basic German!), Japan (TokyoXOsakaXother places!), the UK, --Hong Kong would be nice too, for a short trip. ---Haha, but let's see where I will end up this year. Hopefully anywhere but here.XD]

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