Saturday, June 14, 2014

Food Review :: Almon Marina Sandwich Bar & Deli

How many times have I been here since last month? XD The waiter now smiles as we were ushered to our table.

Waiting for my food:

Their salads and some pies on display:

Their salads are actually quite good and crunchy; I see a lot of people eating a plate full of vegetables too.:D

Sausage with choice of pasta and salad. (For pasta you can pick between carbonara, bolognese, and puttanesca)

The sausage is quite good but I just love their Roast Chicken.

I always pick puttanesca for the pasta because I like the olives. But also because I've tried the two other pastas before; bolognese (too plain with just the meat sauce), and carbonara (creamy white sauce with very few bacon).


Here's the rest of their menu.

I really should try something else next time.:D

They serve a lot of different things and it can be too overwhelming for someone ordering for the first time. They take pride on their sandwiches but they also make spanish-style callos -- which I've tried and highly recommend.

They also serve smoothies and lattes. I've never tried- but many people seem to like their iced coffees. (who doesn't?! :D)

Did I mention their thick hot chocolate?!

Almon Marina Sandwich Bar and Deli @Robinson's

Food 9/10
Service 8/10
Presentation 8/10

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  1. This looks exactly like a place I've been to some weeks ago! They mostly served pizza but they also had a range of pasta and other stuff (also the carbonara was kinda disappointing.) I went for gratin because I don't have an oven atm so I have to use the chance when I can eat an oven-dish :D (I didn't know how much I missed my oven until I didn't have one..) The chicken looks really good though, I love chicken! :)