Sunday, June 29, 2014

DRINK : Butterscotch Beer (Butterbeer)

I have always been a huge Harry Potter fan. I've tried stuff like Bertie Bott's all-flavour beans (which is amazing and has funny flavours like 'dirt' and 'sardines').

The only thing left to try was butterbeer. XD Anyway I came across one while shopping at an 'american-import' grocery and found this drink. Was damn expensive (more expensive than Guinness -which, by imported beer standards is also more pricey than other beers!).

I was looking it up and found that it included butter, cream soda,......
(I had high hopes!)

But I was disappointed to find it toooooo sweet. I cannot imagine how other people manage to finish the bottle!:O

It tasted like caramel, fizzy soda, and more sugar. I swore to never buy this drink again! Haha. XD

I ended up mixing it with cold water and some Jagermeister and found it wasn't so bad after all.

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