Thursday, June 12, 2014

Accessories for Nail Art

It's a national holiday and I can't contain how happy I am to be sleeping in till noon!

And then I went shopping in the afternoon. (/≧▽≦)/~

Bought these little cut-outs for my nails.

I especially love the kiwi,

the dragonfruit, and the blue flower.✿✿

I don't normally paint my nails let alone grow them. XD

I usually keep them short to help me play guitar easier. But I've been growing them these couple of weeks so I can paint them (my nails are square-ish). By the way, I did try plucking the guitar strings with my nails (some pro players use this technique) and it sounds awesome, similar to the sound made with a pick. But I don't do well with picks!:D

Anyway I can't wait to use these! ♥ So when I do I'll write another post!!
Haha, one fair warning though -- I have zero skills when it comes to painting my own nails and it always end up sloppy but I'll try! :3

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