Monday, October 29, 2012

Totoro meets... Totoro

You can tell them apart because they look different! XD

The totoro on the left is a super old version, I got it from a thrift shop...two years ago. (...of course I had to scrub it and everything...It was a little dusty when I found it, but I was desperate to own it.=_= Lol)

Both totoros together!

Their tails! X3



Ah, that reminds me, I have to dig up some other Totoro merchandise in my room and put them together...:3 Lol, first I have to figure out where I stashed them.......! :S


  1. Totoro is so cute ^^ I have the books some where too :)

  2. @naka so very cute! ;D Want to collect more of these plushies!