Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Photography, rewind.

Had a photowalk at one of the country's oldest districts (taken quite some time ago-- three years ago to be exact)...

Here are some of the ones I've picked out.

A station atop the fortress in B&W.

The sky looks so calm..

The street in monochrome, looks better than in colour, truth be told.
And I love the cobbled walk!

The fortress was built during the Spanish colonization. Have had a tour of this before, should have paid more attention.>_<"
-- from what I read, this was built as far back as 1603, damaged, and reconstructed in 1733 (bomb-proof and all) made to withstand attacks and protect the Real / Inner City.

Architecture reminiscent of the past and what it was once before. (oops, I think I over-sharpened this!)

..And more. I love the beautiful detail that frames the door. The signages too.

I entered the door and this is what it looks like inside.

(I visited on a weekend, and there was no one at the door. I think you have to pay to see the rest of this casa.)

Street names that remained.

And now some more colour, the church nearby.

I shall post some photos of above-mentioned church next time, the façade actually looks superb... I don't think I managed to take a good photo of it though.


The reason why I came across these photos again was when I was planning my trip to Madrid and thought-- this looks blah, and that looks like blah! ... Could be the reason why I'm not so thrilled about visiting Madrid!:P But who knows, I've never been, and might like it.

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