Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A day at the post office

Feeling all touristy and snapping away at the post office today.

Would you believe I have never been here?

Ancient-looking postboxes

There was no one here.. Everything was old.

This was taken from the entrance.

The post office was huge, with a high ceiling, and tons of windows!! (There was even one for telegrams-- surprising!! Apparently there are people who still use this method of communication! :O)

Sadly, I have no photos to show you because *they* forbade photography. (Why??)

So I had to resort to photos outside.

View opposite the post office.

There was a statue of a mailman in front.

Photo of the moon so early in the day!


Finally got my package, and to my surprise it has been there since October 2!

I only got the final notice for the pick up today.:3 So I had to rush and get it.

Nevertheless, I'm glad I got it in time.>_<


  1. Ja.>_< I pass by this building so often but have never been inside. The interior and facilities look so ancient! XD