Monday, October 22, 2012

At the Botschaft

Botschaft is actually German for embassy.

already the third person to visit!

Had to wake up awfully early today (06:30am -- hehe, although I used to wake up earlier back in univ!) for my scheduled interview.

I ended up getting there an hour earlier than my scheduled time. XD The embassy was already open by then so I headed up, hoping to be interviewed early.

Unfortunately I was told to come back later -- at my original appointment time. n_n""

With not much to do, decided to have some breakfast.

The smell of coffee and bacon... so tempting!

The place was vibrant and well-lit, quite filled with people eating bacon in the morning!

Of course I had to have it too.

Another photo I took before we left, inviting and funky, don't you think?


Photos of the building's interior. It's nice to walk around here in the morning. (such a corporate feel!) -- not sure what it's like for the people who actually work here though!

I hope the week started well with everyone else too!


I was in heels and wore a dress today.

I wish I could have taken a photo of myself.. but there were so many people.... >///< ( taken with my mobile. Had to be discreet with the photo-taking.XD)

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