Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY :: Upcycling old boots

Boots I got from a thrift shop in Hong Kong many years back.

I only wore it a few times! 1.) After buying it in Hong Kong. 2.) Another on my trip to Beijing, and 3.) Occasionally to my language classes here.


Not quite noticeable in the photo above, but the leather has started to come off in some parts. And since I had no plans of wearing it like that, I decided to peel the whole thing off and customize it!

looking...not quite to my liking

I took out some discarded stuff and tried it on the naked boot, I think I prefer it plain. I have not totally peeled the leather off in above photos.

current state
How the naked boot looks without all the brown leather. Looks better.

Will write how I will end up customizing it in another post.

Originally, I bought some glitzy dust for that MiuMiu look.

Any ideas? XD

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