Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hiyashi Soumen - perfect weekend

Some time ago, I picked this up at the supermarket...

(Left) It's soumen, made from buckwheat. // (Right) Shredded pieces of Nori.


I have found the perfect weekend brunch! X3

Looks good, doesn't it? (Well, to me it does! :D~)


The soumen I bought is divided into four, and this is enough for one serving! :P

I brought it to a boil just as you would with normal pasta, only this took about 3-4minutes (very fast!).

Wash it in cold water and set it aside.


About the dipping sauce,

I didn't have dashi stock... So I improvised and used dumpling stock. (heh!) Brought it to a boil with mirin (Note that I also didn't have mirin, instead I used Chinese cooking wine -- similar to mirin!), soy sauce, and vinegar (I think the vinegar brings out the sweetness of the soy sauce.).

The dumplings made a perfect siding!

I also added boiled egg, which came later, just so it wasn't so much a light brunch.


I should have taken a photo of the dipping sauce! (My bad! I was too excited to eat! >_<"")


If you're wondering what I topped the noodles with, it's Nori, and preserved chinese radishes with a hint of chilli.

((1) Preserved ginger would also make a good siding but I'm currently out of it! :P (2) Spring onions mixed in with the dipping sauce is also good, but was not able to buy some yesterday.XD -- Ah, so spur-of-the-moment!)


Maybe next time I should make this accordingly, but what the heck, it tastes marvelous. ;D

めしあがれ~~ ^_^

Hehe, who says you can't have Hiyashi Soumen in November?!


  1. i looks so tasty and i love shredded nori :3

  2. @naka Shredded nori = perfect for that japanese touch! XD

  3. It really looks yummy! I love somen and nori!

  4. @Piperita Thank you. I really enjoyed making this. Easy to make + refreshing.