Sunday, May 01, 2011

Moon. Polka-dotted Slippers. Food.

Took these photos of the moon (collected from over a couple weeks back)

I love the colour of the sky and the moon seen over one of the buildings.

This was taken 2 weeks after the previous one,

Noise is natural. :)


When I'm feeling lazy to make any decent food..

It also comes with this free pack of... soup!

..and it does taste exactly like real soup.:D Pretty cool.


I have not touched my japanese textbook for 3-weeks now. (Yipes)

This is a picture I took when I was last studying, and with a pack of horlicks.

I love horlicks, especially these ones.:D


Earplugs I got last time (from one of my previous posts). This is an older photo, from when I first got it.


What I have been drinking while I blog lately. :)

Oh yes it's Qoo!! :D This one's from Qoo-HK, it's soymilk.

...I have more where these came from.:D


Bought these polka-dotted pink slippers recently. Cute. :)

And some tape.

I quite like the doughnut shaped dispenser.:) Plus it came in super cool gummy colours. I picked this wave of breezy blue.


I wish someone would look at me with a twinkle in their eye too~ [What I said after watching the Royal Wedding thing on the telly]. If I'm not mesmerized much by the grandeur of it all, I have downloaded and listened to UK podcasts on the RW.

Oh~~ Which reminds me, how I miss watching Downton Abbey.:) I think it comes back around June, was pretty disappointed with season one ending at episode seven. I wish they dragged the series longer.xD


Anyway, I'm off to sleep! :) Guten Nacht, everyone. I have been looking through my German textbook lately.xD ... and realized how hard a time I had with memorizing the spelling and uber long words.


This post was meant for 29th April, but have had problems with publishing entries. Gawd, I hate IE9 and its compatibility issues... but obviously that's all fixed now. Thanks to the google team and their quick response~ xD

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