Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Strawberry Curry. Sunset. Coffee.

Labour day fell on a Sunday this year. :SIGHs: >_<

And here I was hoping to get an extra day off work~ Lol.


I came across this interesting page.. Do click by all means!


The page features "Strawberry infused Curry -- More like Strawberry Curry".

If you think it an odd combination, then you haven't really experienced all of Japan.>_< (At least it's what I think -- chocolate curry is even more unthinkable! And yes it does exist.)

The following photos taken from and courtesy of above mentioned webpage


Something I got from Japan (which I thought I'd post):

It's a JR plushie screen cleaner.

It has a very soft underside fit for cleaning screens (i.e. a laptop screen).

{see label)

So cute!

I have never tried using it and I couldn't get myself to use it! o_O

Lol, beats the purpose.


Here are a few photos of the sky from last weekend..


Haha, this came from my stash, of stuff from JP.

Lol, had to drink it before it expires.xD

I expected more from this drink... The smell of coffee is divine, and yet the taste is lacking. I prefer Georgia coffee/Pokka coffee. Or maybe I should try other Suntory coffees.:P


Ah, there are so many things I want to try from the vending machines and the combini (in Japan)~ They always have something new on display, and it never ceases to amaze me what kind of new flavours they come up with.:D

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