Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Photography: Dusk and the Moonlit Night

Skies from 2011/05/10:

Beautiful play of colours.

[left] and [right] images were shot seconds apart. :D


Bought this last week:

It's been ages since I last had Andes choc. This still is my favourite flavour! :D

It's this small, 28 pieces in a box.

A little more expensive than Meiji's Meltykiss.

But the consistency of their chocs are pretty different, so I can't really compare.


More moon photos from me this week. :D

2011/05/14 Saturday:

[one more moon photo coming up at the end of this post!]


Stocked up on some coffee Saturday evening..

I was drinking this yesterday afternoon:

It's the second time I drank something from this brand, Sangaria.

Last time I had Ichigo au Lait [イチゴオレ] = Strawberry Milk. It was lovely!

So this time I tried their coffee, they have loads of different blends too.

It had a good smell, the taste was to my liking. [Definitely better than the Suntory Boss I had last time!:D]

I will definitely buy again.:P


So, here are more unnecessary things I chanced upon:

Yes, it's duct tape!:D What I'd do with it, I do not know. I like the colour. I think I will use it to patch up some stuff in my room, or seal boxes.


And this, can you guess what it is?

It's a heavy duty adhesive thingy...

Mounting tape, it says.

I love Scotch products.O_O

Like it says, no more nails! :D

Oh, and what's good about it is you can use it outdoors, rainproof and all.>_<" ~ My friends know how crazy I can be about paper thingies I keep and handouts.

This is what I do on weeekends.

Ever since I learned how to bookbind I have been binding everything! And most of them have survived the worst flips and falls.

I have been binding since .. as long as I can remember! :P

It keeps my stuff neat. [These are some of the German language exercises I got recently.]

It takes about half a day for the spine to harden and dry (depending on the weather). Here it is drying.:D


I also found a book on 関西弁 recently. I love love Kansai.:D 関西弁のアックセント可愛いだと思う、大好きや。

Haha, my normal japanese isn't even that good yet and I'm jumping to another form.

I should probably keep this for later. :D


I should stop buying things I don't need! T_T

Mini speakers. They were cute so I bought them!

My psp doesn't actually need them because it already comes with its own built-in speakers.

Lol, but my old Apacer MP3 Player probably does. :P

The sound that comes out is not very loud though, it's meant for your own ear I guess.


I watched the sunset yesterday. It was beautiful.

Yesterday was exceptional. いい天気や。

I love how warm this looks:

..the calm blue skies mixing in with the setting sun's fiery colour.

..Can you imagine India in this photo?

..Such a beautiful colour. It looks like a lake, with mountains in the background.

It's actually the sky!


As promised, here's the moon shot from yesterday evening.

Looks creepy.. somewhat. But I love this shot and how the moon silhouettes the branches.

Can you see how the moon has changed in just one day? ;P


Until then.:D

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