Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sony's Navi-system and my PSP

My psp, last month's wallpaper was Oreimo (Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai).

I thought it made a cute wallpaper so I kept it for awhile.


Some long overdue photos of みんなのナビ, based on Sony's Navi system, on PSP.

If your PSP is equipped with GPS, this is a godsend!

This is Shinagawa 品川 (left) and Odaiba (お)台場 (right)

And then we take a closer look at Odaiba お台場..

This is the Fuji TV Building! How cool right? It looks just like it.

You can even search for stores nearby, or elsewhere.

Some more screenies..

And here is the Harajuku area, (you can see Harajuku Station 原宿駅 on the map)

Here is Shibuya 109. the fashion capital~

A closer look at the building

Ahh, so convenient. I wish I got this earlier.;) [this is a version from some years ago though, so some of the shops may have changed.]


Now we head to Kyoto 京都。

(the streets are all set on a grid in Kyoto)


It has a map of Osaka 大阪 too, except I couldn't find Namba 南場.

Maybe it's on Disc2? [lol, I have yet to see Disc2.:D]


Here is a Tosho Card 図書カード I got from a bookstore in Tokyo when I bought a fresh dose of Manga.

Oh, I love Peter Rabbit~~ [note: I got a peter rabbit stuffie for only 50円, ちっちゃいだけど。。 but すごく安いだね! Great find~~ Peter Rabbit Merchandise are quite expensive]


A closer look at my psp wallpaper:

Another Oreimo photo:

This is a photo I took when I visited Mt. Fuji 富士山。


Some new games I downloaded..

AKB48 game..

Patapon3 game..


And that's pretty much it for my psp :D

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