Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In the middle of studying

In the middle of studying, but thought I'd write a quick post.

Have finished downloading a couple of games for my psp:

Gundam. The game title is pretty long, I can't remember.:D

Not a big Gundam fan, but since it was available for download...xD

And here is Akiba's Trip

This one I can't play because my psp's running on a different CFW.


Lol, I'm having a hard time memorizing new vocabulary (Japanese), but the grammar part is easier than I thought.

This is where I keep my couloured pens and whatnots.

That's the octo-sculpy I made a few months back.:D

(I have not been sculpting for a while now....)

How I manage to fit them all is a mystery...

What is on my desk:

[background: the japanese textbook I am studying. (Photocopied a friend's book temporarily.) // upper left: my psp, where I keep the audio files for use with the textbook. // lower left: my little 単語帳, where I write new words I encounter.;) -- this has been incredibly useful to me of late as I have been learning a new word everyday! // upper right: grammar patterns. I have found this easier to manage than the regular notebook I used to write on. I could shuffle and re-shuffle as much as I want.xD]


I should get back to studying now. :) Made myself a warm glass of Horlicks. うまい!!--> I have been saying this word a lot recently.n_n""

And shall be turning in for the night after I finish this chapter. Lol.

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  1. ok, i just googled horlicks. hehe, sounds yummy. sorry miyuu, im practically commenting on all your posts. its just that, we have so much to catch up on! aww i miss college!