Monday, August 24, 2015

Sketches :: The Moomins

These past couple of days were cool and rainy. Today was exceptionally cloudy & windy without much rain.

Made a quick doodle:

First the silhouettes.

Quite enjoyable; I love drawing trees.

Contemplating whether to draw the background in (mostly horizontal lines for the evening sky and added depth).

But here is how it looks so far...

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Quick recap:

Not much have been going on lately. I'm watching this chinese reality show with kids (it is really funny) which is on every Friday and yes, I'm on this channel at ten sharp every friday.XD We also had a work holiday this week which I spent sorting photos from my previous trip. As for my next trip, I haven't decided yet... But I'm very much looking forward to it.
These past days I spent watching Seis Hermanas, a Spanish tv series which I quite like. I'm already on ep. 78 and it is a little dragging at the moment but it's quite nice anyway. :D I also just finished a UK tv drama - Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Only 7 episodes and I'm looking forward to see the next season, if there should be one.:3
Another thing I'm really looking forward to is Downton Abbey Season 6 (pbs announcement), which is due to air in 2016. (yeah, next year.:/).
On other notes, I have been sending and receiving a lot of cards; but will be on a break from OCT and NOV to prevent cards from coming in on December while I'm away -- I don't like my mail getting mixed up with everyone else's for too long as they might get "lost".:O
I haven't abandoned my blog -- but while I've been away from my comp, I have been learning a lot of German.:3 And also learning a lot of German songs.:O

Until then! xx

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