Monday, October 26, 2015

Ramblings 20151025

Hey everyone. S'been a while since I last posted.=_= Sorry about that. Have been busy planning my trip this year and have not had time to write anything.

Anyhow, had my visa interview last week, it was horrible. I slept 3 hrs the night before as we had to pick our mom up from the airport -- She was returning from her trip to Vietnam. I had to wake up early that morning as traffic is super bad. It took me 1hr+ to get there. Anyway, all of my papers were in order. But for some reason, they wouldn't release my passport unless I procured this other paper they were asking me for. Apparently they are allowed to ask for extra proof of they deemed it necessary. I have been traveling to the EU for the past 4 years, why now?:O Anyway it is too much hassle.=_=

Will explain when I do get my visa.-_-

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  1. It's terrible, I'm sorry you had to undergo all of this!