Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sewing :: Soft Sock Plushie - Sushi Cat

Last weekend I decided to take on another weekend project.

Since these socks were so damn cheap I bought a bunch to experiment on. You can use old socks (it's really the whole point of sewing plushies with socks).

The book only teaches you to make some of the characters in the book, it teaches you the basics and gives you an idea of what more you can make out of those basic ideas.
[just follow what you see in the photo and cut according to it.:D]

Stuffing is needed to complete this project. Problem is, I am not sure where to buy, and I have no time to look for a place to buy from. The alternative -- take the stuffing from pillows/other plush. In my case, I have this one lying around from a friend's baby's birthday party giveaway. I had no use for it...until now.:D

Cut along the seams, enough to be able to take out some stuffing.

Neko with the book. [As you can see, there are so many other characters you can create.:D I followed the pattern for the cat's head and front legs. I improvised the rest. Soz, no patience for these things. I just don't follow patterns too well, eh?]

I have some extra fabric from whatnots lying around, so I cut out the eyes and nose for the cat.

I like the upturned eyes, it looks friendly, yeah?

This turned into a sushi cat when I put the strip of fabric around it (to cover up my ugly stitches! XP)

Enjoying a cup of warm cocoa while sewing. X3

Another photo with the neko.

It was so much fun to make! :3

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