Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sketches - View from the Nihonbashi in the old days

The inspiration..

Started sketching and this is how it looks.

At first I was going to draw the bridge but later I omitted it.;D

I used my Miffy ,echanical pen.X3 I got this from Hong Kong from only HKD$15! :D

I was tinkering with my phone and it was tempting to use some puri apps! XD

I continued the next morning. I did the top part with Mount Fuji. The aroma of the coffee filling the room... hmm.:3

I finalized the lines with ink. I usually use waterproof pigment ink but since I wasn't using watercolour I used Pilot Frixion pen, the kind that you can erase.:D It works great.

I filled it with colour.

And here is the final result!


Do you like it better with colour or without? X3

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