Monday, June 20, 2011

Mouth-watering Melon-pan, メロンパン

With lack of anything to do [-- although there really is a lot to do...n_n""], I thought to do some sculpting and modelling.

This is a japanese "melon-pan".



It took up most of my afternoon but I'm completely satisified with the stuff I managed to do.


Here is a look at what it looked like prior to baking:

The melon-pans, all ready to be baked.


After about 30-40 mins, here is the result:

Which do you think is better? Glazed or the un-glazed ones?

[front - glazed // back - un-glazed]

I have decided to glaze them all anyway.:)

Some are also more brown/burnt than the others. Depends on one's preference.

I personally like them a little more brown.


And here they are, chilling cooling down,

Next is to put them in a nice clear bag, preferably one with cool designs on them.
(I was out of them bags with cute designs, so I used the basic one instead.)

..And give them out to your friends (which I'm sure they would love to receive!)


More inedible goodies in the making.;) Check back soon.

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  1. hello miyuu! im bask to blogging! those melon-pans look real and delicious! why dont u try making real ones as well!

    oohhh, its would be so cute if you would sculpt a woven picnic basket made of clay, and then make different types of bread and put it in the basket!