Monday, July 11, 2011

Random stuff from the past couple of days

Decided to get some studying done earlier this afternoon.

My spanish textbook in the background (and French, upper right).

Wrapped my Spanish dictionary in pink.^_^

And this is all my other stuff in the same shade.


Though I'd post a photo of the sculpy I made last month,

Not quite final yet, but I cannot wait to post the photo.n_n;

Still have to add a couple of finishing touches.


Was sewing a bag the other day when I decided to make myself some tea.

Wanted to try something different so I picked:

something that looked like this, with a bunch of funny ingredients mixed together in one bag.

And it tasted just like it said it would.

But not exactly my cup of tea, this flavour.

I think I will pick up some Earl Grey next time.


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