Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Curry, Choc, and Ice Cream

Bought a Kitkat:White bar last week. Have not had Kitkat for ages, and it was yum! ^o^

On the back, it reads 'Un break, un Kitkat.' (French.


Bought a load of Curry-flavoured goodies:

This one here is Curry-roux, blocks of curry in the shape of a choc bar.

And there you have your curry.:)

At least, if you follow the instructions well:

This is (3)Mild-Hot.. but one can also pick (5)Very-Hot or (1)Sweet

..which makes everyone happy.


I also picked up some microwaveable curry.:)

Have never tried but I saw it on Japanese tv once and thought it was pretty interesting.;)

Will probably save this for one of them nights when I'm too lazy to make myself dinner.

This is also mildly-hot.


Lol, lastly, nothing beats ice-cream after a meal.*_*


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  1. grabe ka! you sure like buying tons of treats! hehe. hope to see you 3rd week of july. lets watch harry potter pleaase! wooho!!