Sunday, November 21, 2010

Here are some of the photos from when I got my psp two weeks back.:D (It's incredibly late to get one.T_T)

Before I peeled off the protective sticker:

And I got the チョットショット (camera) as well. (But you can't really expect much from it save for a cool few features.)

It even has a case for when you're not using it.

With the cd thing to edit with.

PSP with the plastic casing... Plus the camera plugged in at the top. You can move the camera forward and back, and there's a ring around the lens which you can also move slightly. It lets you pick whether you want macro or normal, but really, it's just the design. It doesn't do macro at all.

And that's me connecting to my みゆう skype account:

Will definitely come in handy for when I'm overseas and need to contact people. :D


Je brule avec impatience d'aller au Japon. =^.^= Uwaaah.

I caught a cold last week but it's almost gone now. Which is good. Have been stuffing myself silly with Vitamin C.
I should be all healthy and fit to enjoy my winter vacation.>_< LEG warmers, I finally get to use them.

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