Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Food Review :: Tempura Japanese Grill

Photos from brunch the other day:

A mix of veg and beef, it was yummy (expensive though, since the serving is so small)

Tempura, and there's only two of 'em left. n_n""

Super soft tofu and onions. My all-time favourite.

Curry Omelette Rice (and again.;p I tend to order the same stuff over and over again)

And these.. Not the best, too much mayo. The mayo was all over my mouth when I ate it.

Tempura Japanese Grill - @Robinson's Place Ermita

Food 8.5/10
Service 6/10
Presentation 8/10


-service was not so good
-waiting time was too long
-where are the waiters when you need them?
-one thing I hate is being served with greasy plates! Please serve me cleaner plates next time. =_=
-But the food was good otherwise.


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