Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A couple of weeks before I set off for Japan. UWAH! =O

I looked through my closet during the weekend for winter stuff. Managed to find most of them but my earmuffs.... Where could I have placed them? :SIGH: I have not started packing, but they're mostly in one place for now. Will start packing next week when I find the time. Still need to decide on what to wear (^o^). I have also been following the weather in Japan (so I know how much and how warm I need to bring.).

I bought myself a super kawaaaaii pair of boots. (I tweeted about it the other day). Wanted the grey one at first since I already had brown boots. But they didn't have grey in my size so I got brown instead. The inside is lined with a generous amount of fur and warm materials.

If that doesn't make me ultra-happy I don't know what will. I cannot wait to wear them.:)

Unfortunately I haven't taken a photo of it yet....:P Will post next week.

I also managed to get super-thick black tights.:)

I wish I could get them in other colours too.

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