Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nautical Wallet

Catching up on some long overdue posts!!XD


Here's a cute sailor wallet I bought (for my birthday. Haha)

I kid. XD I just happened to see it and thought it was nice.^_^

I like that it has many pockets inside.

And I just can't get enough of the stripes!! *A*

The fabric is really good and strong -- so I think I will be using it for a while! :3

It fits different-sized bills so it's quite perfect for travel too.

Time to move things out of my old wallet! :P

...And my cards.. although I don't use them too often now.

I canceled most of my credit cards because of the hefty annual fees they charge and the pesky people I have to put up with when I call customer service. =_= I think two cards is more than enough. XD The other cards I own are mostly "points" cards and discount cards --- that you can never have too many of! :P


  1. Really cute! I love nautical items!
    I'm in the middle of cancelling my bank account and open a new one for the same problems -.-

    1. Hah. I guess it's the same anywhere else in the world. It's just impractical to have so many of them. XD