Monday, August 25, 2014

Go Pro Hero3+ Black Edition - Surf

I had already been contemplating about getting GoPro because it's so friggin small and records videos with astounding quality.

Since we had an extra work holiday this week I went out shopping (with no intention of buying GoPro). I wanted to go out and hit the summer sales.
(I will write some posts next week once I get the photos together)


It comes in a very cool case. (It actually comes with a remote but I was too excited to unbox and have taken it out already before taking these photos.XD

Camera with the remote.

Like I said, I had no intention of buying the GoPro yesterday. But then I passed by this camera store and saw it on the display I went in to take a look. *A* And then I found out about the price reduction and blah blah... The next thing I know my card was being swiped. I was buying it.X3

I care less about the accessories (well, mounts in particular) -- they're all held together with 3M.)

I took some test shots around the house but not anything post-worthy yet.XD So when I manage to go out and capture something nice I will post it.^_^


I found the make and the buttons to be very cheap -- (but the camera itself was not too expensive to start with). The battery is very tiny and seems to last about 2 hours+ I think more (but with WIFI turned on it drains twice as quickly..) Very easy to view, delete, and capture stuff with phone app. What I wish the camera had was a tiny viewfinder at least.XD But the camera wasn't made for this purpose so I guess they just didn't have that in mind. (in 2001 or 2002 I bought a cheap japanese camera called Che-ez... The quality was awful and it worked in the same way as this one (very tiny and light)-- but it had a viewfinder. It was like a toy!)

Look how small!

I love how it's superwide (it does, however, distort people, distort food), the image quality isn't so bad but the video is just outstanding. Does not do very well in low light but it captures what you see with a lot of noise (better noise than blur though). I don't think I will be using the waterproof case (The sound is very bad with the case on). I will see if they have the skeletal case or just the lens cap. I'm afraid I will scratch it very soon because everything's a mess inside my bag.^_^

I'm really enjoying this new toy so much at the moment.X3


The beautiful sunset from my room yesterday..


some photos below taken with the Go Pro. These were taken from inside a moving vehicle. (and some photos show some not very pleasnt parts of this city.)

The infamous Jeepney, that takes you pretty much everywhere.

Arch separating Chinatown from the Sta. Cruz Plaza.

Santa Cruz Church on a sunny day.

Front of a Jeepney and a man pushing a cart selling cold drinks.

Rizal Park (this is the back entrance)

Along the Avenida, a dangerous place for walking in the evening. Decades ago this avenue used to be the go-to, with the best cinamas, theatres, and shops. Now it's full of old buildings, some from the post-Spanish period. Also a lot of abandoned (but is now home to the poor) spaces.

[Not my bext photo of this once bustling avenue. But, I have some waiting to be posted on my photoblog. XD]

So, those are some sample shots during the day and the night. I think it takes pretty decent photos. :3

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