Sunday, August 24, 2014


So... we have a long weekend coming up (but since I work Saturdays it's only fair...^^,)

This evening I found some dead ants in my room, I am afraid they are dead worker termites. T_T;

It's our weekend home so I only come here once a week, which is Saturday evening-- when I do my cleaning.

It started a couple of months ago. Since the city I live in is very prone to typhoon and strong winds, I thought the dead brown ants I found scattered on the floor were brought in by the wind from the Air-conditioning. Yes, that happens. One time I found plant leaves on the floor. I just cleaned them and forgot about it. A few months later, I found ants on my window sill. There was no trail, just ants coming out from here and there. So I also bleached that part and sprayed some natural spray that ants didn't like. The next week, they were gone. That was about 3 months ago.

Last week, I found dead white ants just in front of my closet. Gross. I checked eveywhere and found nothing. They were all lying there in front. Again, I bleached the area and sprayed. This week I didn't see any traces in front of my closet.

BUT, I found a lot of dead white ants on the wall next to my closet (outside). In the very corner was a large number of dead white ants.
It worries me. I checked the wood but it didn't sound hollow. No holes on the wall or mud thingies. There was some sand in the corner but it seems to have dried up.

I checked photos of termites on the internet. I thought they were swarming at first but I didn't find any wings. The ants I found looked like worker termites.


OMG. Now they will go elsewhere. Next week I might have to turn my room upside down to check for traces of it. The last time we had termite control over was exactly two years ago.It is so much hassle to have them treat the house again.

I think this is the time of the month they are most active. When it rains so bad and shines so bright. The weather here is crazy. It seems I cannot find the answer I'm looking for. If I find dead termites, does it mean they have fled the area or are they still thriving in it?

I have heard about termite problems from other people but didn't know it'd become a problem of my own at one point!


Anyway I will worry about it next week.

Tomorrow I will go shopping and hit the sales. :3

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