Sunday, December 08, 2013

Preparing for my trip - Packing

Some things I'm bringing with me:

First row: money // little Pochacco coin purse I bought in Hong Kong in 1995/6/7/8..something. It was from a Gacha machine and I always bring this with me because it fits into my pocket and holds a lot of loose change. (This travelled with me all the way to Taiwan when I took a summer program there too.:D) // pouch for travel adapter (right) // travel adapter (old) // travel adapter with usb (new) // notebook with pages I made myself + erasable Pilot Frixion Pen // leopard-print earmuffs with ears //

Second row: my trusty canon sx110is (slow and drains battery but very handy and I still use it for macro shots -- and also as back-up camera) // eneloop batteries (I have yet to look for the other pairs!!T_T) // The elephant coin purse I bought from Madrid last year from an Indian vendor at Retiro Park. We have tons of local leather goods here too (I have some) but the craftsmanship is very crude (compared to this one).XD //

Third row: my trusty Mango wallet (it has a lot of pockets inside I can easily sort currencies in different sections + front pockets hold my extra memory cards and hair scrunchies) // pocket scissors I got from Jusco at HKD$10 // Lastly my Nikon D90 -- I love the grip and how it fits into my hand. And it almost always takes the shot.:3 It's heavy, yes, but so reliable.

Coffee and Matcha!! Will need it so I brought some to indulge in in the evening.:3

I mended my Terranova Knitted Grey Jacket. I bought it at a sale and didn't notice the hole. T_T I mended it using a crochet hook (to pick up the stitches) and placed the knot on the reverse side (I didn't have any yarn in this colour)

My DIY Rilakkuma bag. Sometimes there's just a need for an extra bag! XD I filled it with a bulky sweater...

...and it can be used as a pillow on the long flight.

Hehe, I couldn't resist using a purikura app to edit this photo!

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