Thursday, December 05, 2013


Met with my friends from univ. today and luckily the train wasn't so crowded like it usually is.:3

First met with A at the bookstore and went to Cibo for lunch.XD A while later K arrived and we had yummy food! XD

When we were almost finished B arrived and we headed out for some quick photos.XD

[L] A 'grammin her food.XD [R] K and B in the middle of a serious+funny conversation.

[L] Modern bonding = 'gramming; Looks like A got a considerable amount of likes! XD [R] Exchanging photos. Haha.


The mall looking quite empty.

Taking photos by these steps.

The following photos taken with K's cherry... who would've thought it could actually take decent photos!! X3

A asked someone to take our photo and she took it so nicely.

Bluetooth-ing. Doesn't however work with apple (A's iphone)...=_= So I don't have some of the other photos we took.:/

That is K's cherry (phone) in the photo above (left).
Looks and feels like a Samsung!

I was playing around with my phone and did this. =_=

K had to go home early that day so the rest of us spent the afternoon having some sweets at one of the stores nearby. ;D

It's been way too long since my friends and I last got together like this and we spent the rest of the afternoon looking back to our univ days and talking about grown-up stuff. Lol, how much our preferences have changed. One said - one with a broader mind; Another - weird and scary; Me - the truth is I couldn't say.. because I haven't given it much thought... BUT, it got me thinking, and now I have a few things in mind - (1) one who respects me and will not turn back on me. (2) weird in ways only we can comprehend. (3) a common interest and a few different ones so we can learn from each other. (4) someone who will not put me down because they think they're smarter than me. (5) Someone who can let me be selfish sometimes. (6) And one who will put me first before anything else. :3

Finding someone like this is near impossible. :P (Others' and my experience(s) tell me so). Omi-ai's are full of false pretenses and it's such a waste of time. My friends share the same sentiment.

But wait, why am I talking about this? XD

(Sorry this has gotten so off-topic! I wrote some of these captions 2014/01/14)

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